Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Andrew Breitbart was a fascistic asshole whose main claim to fame was to have been responsible for spreading anti-American lies for profit during most of his allegedly adult life. Truth, justice, and the American way, were anathema to Andrew Breitbart. It is rumored that anyone speaking the truth and reciting facts, even at a distance, would cause Breitbart to twitch and jerk as though being stuck with a pin. voodoo-style. At 43, the sheer number of these facts and truthful statements proved too much for the Asshole Breitbart, and his heart exploded. Everyone who spoke the truth in contradicting the lies that Asshole Breitbart spread, shares responsibility for his death. Congratulations. 
As Asshole Breitbart burns in Hell, the website that Asshole Breitbart started has continued to be a breeding ground for some of the most despicable, vile, dishonest, disgusting, putrid, foul, unAmerican, and intellectually gangrenous BS stories and BS individuals known to the USA. The list of anti-Americans from the Asshole Breitbart web site includes convicted and confessed liar, James O'Keefe, pedophile-pusher, Milo Yiannopoulos, and unconvicted coconspirator, fascist, all-around sleezeball and thus high-ranking sleezeball of the "Trump administration", Steve Bannon. Trump loves the work that comes out of Asshole Breitbart's web site, and so do the Republican Party.

The company you keep.

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