Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hannity's Bankrollers

And never answers it. But scroll down to see who bankrolls Sean Hannity's show.

This question from an elitist and overpaid celebrity millionaire, Sean Hannity, on Fox News (aka GOP TV News). Who is bankrolling the right-wing propaganda taking place at Fox News (aka GOP TV News)? More without @newtgingrich right after the break (in Sean's sanity).

Hannity claimed that Ashton Kutcher would have "blood on his hands" if there was another terrorist attack. Why? Because Kutcher exercised his 1st Amendment right by expressing his opinion. And Republican mouthpiece Hannity gave Aston a stern finger-wagging and this warning:

So to those on the left feigning moral outrage over what President Trump is doing, let me be clear. Pay very close attention. The next time a radical Islamist from abroad yells Allahu akbar and kills innocent Americans, you will have blood on your hands! And yes, Chuck Schumer, I'm talking to you. And Ashton Kutcher, whatever your name is, I'm talking to you. Be warned.

Ooooh! Better watch out, Ashton. Sean Hannity is channeling his inner Barney Fife.

And now, a brief run-down of Sean's Ego Show and who is bankrolling elitist and overpaid celebrity millionaire, Sean Hannity, on Fox News (aka GOP TV News):

Liberty Mutual Insurance (insurance agents)
Subaru (cars)
Namely.com (Matt Straz, Founder and CEO - HR Software)

Newt Gingrich - Blame Obama first. Fear mongering. Zzzzz.

Coricidin (Bayer cold medicine)
VisitingAngels.com (Assisted living)
Publishers Clearing House (They're still around?)
Jenny Craig (Trump only wants "tens")

Jay Sekulow - Mischaracterizing AG as not doing her job (she did by exercising her prosecutorial discretion, just not to Republican Trump's liking). Phone interview. Zzzzz.

Pfizer (Xeljanz drug)
Progressive.com (Insurance)
Dr. Sholls (footware)
Panera Bread (restaurant)
Intel (Computer chips)
Lilly (Jardiance drug)
Land Rover (cars)

Publishers Clearing House (You could win $5000...) #2
Polident (denture destinkafyer)
Capital One (financial svcs)
Peloton (exercise bike)
Good Rx (online drugs)
Rooms To Go (furniture)
Good Rx (online drugs) #2
Navy Federal Credit Union (Bank svcs)
Morgan & Morgan (lawyers)

Laura Ingram - General wingnuttieness. Everyone's phoning it in, Sean. Can't you take a hint?

Navy Federal Credit Union (Bank svcs) #2
HarvestRight.Com (Food preservation)
Nutrisystem.com (Trump only wants "tens")
ADT (alarm systems)
Liberty University (School of Falwell)
MileIQ (phone app)
TommieCopper.com (?)
Jenny Craig (Trump only wants "tens") #2
John Deer (Farm Equipment)
Mobile Strike (software game)
H&R Block (Taxes)

(from 1/30/17 show viewed via DirecTV in the ATL market)

And that's about it. Pretty rote, bland, boilerplate right-wing Republican propaganda, delivered by an elitist, overpaid, celebrity millionaire who looks and sounds like Wayne Newton suffering from a colo-rectal porcupine infestation. No surprise that Tucker beat him out of the better time slot.

With all the drugs and such being advertised, I'm surprised there were no ads for sleep aids. Oh, wait! The whole Hannity show is a sleep aid.



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