Sunday, January 29, 2017

Turn Tom Price's District BLUE!


When you've lost Murdoch's Wall Street Journal...

Three months after investing in four companies with manufacturing plants in Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services secretary introduced legislation that would directly benefit those companies. 
The proposed House legislation by Rep. Tom Price—which would have made permanent an expiring tax deduction for Puerto Rican facilities—didn’t pass, and the tax deduction expired Jan. 1. And Mr. Price, a Georgia Republican, testified last week that his broker made all of his stock investment decisions except those involving an Australian biomedical firm. 
The bill nevertheless marks another instance in which Mr. Price was involved in legislation that could have benefited his stock holdings. Earlier, The Wall Street Journal had reported that Mr. Price had invested in the Australian company after voting for legislation that eventually could help it. Senate investigators said late Monday they have found a variety of discrepancies in those disclosures...

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