Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Intellectual Cesspit That IS The Right Wing

I’ve been (initially inadvertently) engaged in some more Internet Proctology recently. The amount of right wing & GOP bullshit out there is not on the level of stepping on the occasional cow patty in an open field, it’s more on the level of… well, it feels a bit like being Dith Pran, falling into and wading through a massive pit of human remains. 

The stench of stupid is profound. No claim is too absurd or insane to post and for others to mindlessly swallow and regurgitate with “MEGADITTOS!!!1!!” on top. 

In looking up a slightly different domain name, I ran across one whose main concerns seem to be protecting their penile prostheses, and fighting the insidious evil that is smart power meters:

Their homepage manifesto has a lot of fun conspiracy claims:

At Citizens Action Network one of our Primary goals is to reinstate a Lawful Government for We The People, by holding all Public Officials, Law Enforcement Officers, Politicians and Sheriff’s accountable to their Oaths of Office to the DeJure 1789 Constitution.
The Bill of Rights is an Employment Contract which is simply not being Enforced due to the Corporate Act of 1871 which gave the Constitutional Rights of We The People to the Government under the DeFacto Corporate Constitution in Fraud behind closed doors.
Common Law IS the Law of the Land and the County Sheriff as the Justice of the Peace has the Authority to restore the Common Law Grand Jury. 
After countless phone calls and e-mails to our Elected Officials in Washington D.C., in addition to all 50 State Governors over the last 2 years, it is clear that we have a Rogue Corporation owned by Foreign Banking Interests posing as “Government” that has literally Hijacked OUR country.
We are well aware of the War Powers Act in 1933 signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and the results of that signing. We have been under a soft (hidden) Martial Law Declaration since that time and it also explains the inaction of the entire Congressional body to Act on the Hundreds of Illegal and Treasonous Acts committed by Obama against the American People. 
In 1945 The United Nations was granted control of our Public Servants without the Consent of the American People. 
However, when something is done behind closed doors and in secret, while maintaining an air of normalcy, constitutes a Breach of Contract based on unfaithful manipulation by one of the Party’s rendering it Null and Void. 
The Reaffirmation of Oath “Kit” is a DeJure Lawful Oath to We The People when signed in Red Ink and is an Enforceable Contract. It is inside the Pro Se’ Toolbox.

The best of this bit is probably the “infamous Corporate Act of 1871” where it seems the author is assuming that when Congress incorporated the District of Columbia for the country’s capital in 1871, taking the word “corporate” to mean that Congress turned the USA into a company...

The Act of 1871 formed a corporation called THE UNITED STATES. The corporation, OWNED by foreign interests, moved in and shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin.

…not understanding (or maybe even not reading) the points made in the original legislative document stating the act was for “...a body corporate for municipal purposes…” as noted throughout the document. 

But they see the word “corporate”, misinterpret it completely, then run full bore with their bogus interpretation into conspiracy theories galore. 

Another link (“America in distress”) is to a page with a video manifesto from this right wing military wacko:

He falsely attributes a statement to Thomas Jefferson:

That’s outright bullshit and I knew that as soon as I read it. Anyone having read anything about Jefferson and the other founding fathers knows that Jefferson was pushing for a form of government that was more democratic and less republican in nature. Jefferson's position was that of putting more power directly into the individuals' hands, so the statement did not ring true to me. Sure enough, checking out the Monticello site, there is no record of Thomas Jefferson ever saying anything like this [https://www.monticello.org/site/jefferson/democracy-nothing-more-mob-rule]. 

So here you have someone who is taking radical actions, making possibly treasonous statements (and certainly statements that would warrant a court-marshal, as he himself states), based upon his false interpretation of the founding fathers’ statements. Who knows how screwed-up his interpretation of the Constitution is? Yet he is willing to call for armed insurrection based on the scrambled bullshit sloshing around in his skull. He also states, Let me assure you, there IS a resistance in the US military… we will die fighting our brothers in arms if we must…” 

Last month I started watching the A&E Leah Remini exposé on the Scientology cult. I see a lot of similarities between the GOP and Scientology, at least insofar as people getting suckered into believing the most ludicrous of things under the guise of bettering themselves and bettering the planet - working for something critical and big. The GOP looks for all the world to be a cult to me. How else do you describe a group who preys on the weak minded to enrich themselves while convincing its minions to suspend rational thought in order to believe in, and live in, a fantasy? 

man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder is the sport of every wind. with such persons gullability which they call faith takes the helm from the hand of reason and the mind becomes a wreck.
 - Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Smith

The right wing nuts in this country and the Republican Party they control, prove every day that they do not have the mental wherewithal to discern fact from fantasy. As such, they cannot be trusted with the reigns of government. 

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